I had this idea while ago to create a hashtag about what seemed to be a muse for me. I'm happy to share these muses and will do so when I find them. #chammuse was born... well at least here and on Twitter. They can be a song, music, movie, quote, etc.... you know how those things in life can just hit us and make us want to write? Yes, those are the moments we love. Enjoy! In my excitement, I'll post these without so much editing. It is about getting them out there quickly!

The first ever #chammuse is a blog that I found today that made me think about my WIP more than I expected. It's one of those moments that I had to share with others in case it helped someone else. Maybe it will be your muse, maybe not.  

#Chammuse 1 is:Best blog find of the day! #FF @RichardPulfer got me thinking about 5 Ways Marriage Can Work in Comic Books http://t.co/ncbNpe4 #chammuse

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    June 2011