I hope everyone is back into the groove of working and burning off some of those Thanksgiving leftovers.

Tomorrow is it for many writers making it to the end of NanoWrimo. It’s the end of November. I had plans to join in on the event but with the emergency room visits in October and November for my DVT and pregnancy… it didn’t happen. Life is like that. I’m okay with it and have let the discouragement and frustration go.

Until today.

For some reason, I was not happy about how little I’ve written the last two months. Now with one day left of November, I tried many times to finish the blog post I had started during my Thanksgiving Staycation. 

Recently, some family members told me about Joyce Meyer (www.joycemeyerministries.com) so I watched a show of hers this morning that I had recorded on my DVR. I’m not a person who would get up to watch a show at 5 AM. Call me a nightowl! What struck me during the show is how we can’t go take action on something without taking accountability. Moreover, she spoke about how we need to clean our houses. Seriously, she said, “Go clean your house!”  

After limited mobility the last two months…well…my house is a dusty mess. Clutter and papers are sitting in stacks where I never would have let them accumulate.

After working my morning hours, I took lunch with the hopes of writing my blog for today. The idea from Thanksgiving was there but nothing, nada, zilch came to mind after staring at my laptop screen. Lunchtime was half over.

I looked around at my house with an open floorplan. I could see my mess from nearly every vantage point. Joyce Meyer, in her firm voice, echoed in my head, “Clean your house.” Now that I’m getting larger with the baby and my mobility is still not up to par it would be a workout. Something stirred in me. Oh, that’s the baby again kicking me like some martial arts star in the making.

Sighing, I got up slowly and walked over to my office table that I use to spread out my creative wings. I mean papers. Pulling up a chair, I sorted paper into piles for tossing, recycling and keeping. Maybe this is procrastinating but after nearly 30 minutes I felt better looking around seeing more of the work surface without an overwhelming sense of where to begin.

I had started to declutter!

What does this have to do for writing? I felt that the small steps for writer kind were stirring, not just the baby kicking my bladder.

Sitting down to write, I felt words come to me and I feel good for writing a blog and can feel my heart racing as my mind wanders to writing my WIP.

My protagonist awaits…she wants something. Maybe she is a teenager who wants to clean her room? Nah…but she definitely wants to clean up a mess of a story that has been left dust covered for nearly a week! 

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